Monday, December 17, 2012

Elevated Plus Maze Mashup

These are frames from the new forthcoming "Water Maze" cartoon strip. Give us your versions of the captions in the comments below! Original cartoons (c) HVS Image Software Ltd 2012  

This is the Elevated Plus Maze Mashup! A mashup is where a digital media file containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video, and animation is recombined and modified to create a derivative work. The original is reproduced with permission from "The Water Maze" with permission from HVS Image Software Ltd. You can reproduce or reuse without permission for non-commercial purposes as long as you link back to this page both with the graphic and with a text link. If you want to see more of these or more originals make sure that you comment here and suggest captions and link back from your own blog or site!


  1. Frame 1:
    "Oh, she's gonna do it again! Put me up high!
    Where half of it's safe and the other a lie!

    Frame 2:
    "This time I'll be bold, more bold than she'd guess.
    How is escape as a reaction to stress?!"

    Frame 3:
    "Revenge is so sweet. Ahhh, what a thrill!
    As she stutters and mutters, NOW who needs a pill?!"

  2. 1st:Open or closed, soon they shall see…
    2nd: Haha! Guess what! I’m free, free, free, free!
    3rd: Um…I’m, uh…teaching him to be brave, like me!

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