Friday, February 1, 2013

Open Source 3D Printable Elevated Plus Maze

HVS Image are releasing a full set of Open Source 3D Printable Models of standard lab hardware including Elevated Plus Maze to all of their users through the HVS Image Darwin Group. The idea is that instead of buying expensive, proprietary mazes users will be able to use the 3D .stl designs to get their mazes printed. Currently printers produce components that are a bit small and will need attaching together (HVS have information on that using some current research at Princeton) but bigger commercial printers mitigate the problem substantially. HVS Image say, "this isn't really about *FREE* as in free beer (although the files *are* free to HVS Users. Its about freedom to recreate the exact set-up in other labs, or to modify your maze in exactly the way you want using the .blend files that we provide. These can be edited using the free open source Blender program and then share your designs back to other scientists who can then run their studies using the same designs. It's all experimental at present, but we think it represents a big move forward away from proprietary lab equipment".

Early pre-release shot of the 3D designs
for the elevated plus maze.

Editing the 3D printable Elevated Plus Maze in Blender

HVS Image have already been using 1:12 scale printed models of the mazes to carry out lab set-up planning and lighting planning.

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